This research was done by an independent team directed by Arif Zulkifli. This research was conducted three times on August 2000, 2001, and 2002 in one week.
The background of this research was: campus orientation was done to welcome the freshmen, and it is always followed by violence done by the committee of the orientation. Militarism-like violence, such as: freshmen were asked to act like soldiers, scolded, given strange assignments, pressured to wear strange clothes, and given physical punishment by orientation committee. Ironically, campuses should have been the leaders of reformation who refuse the militarism a la Soeharto.
The objective of the research was (1) to get the general illustration of campus orientation at UGM; (2) to get information how militarism action faced by the freshmen.
The research method used was survey. The explanation level was used descriptive.
Sampling technique was done by non-structurally interviewing freshmen who faced the militarism.
Data accumulation technique done by doing direct observation, 200 volunteers from 18 faculties were sent to the field
Data analysis and type was qualitative. Research Object was freshmen of UGM.
The result of this research shows that; (1) The names and actions of the orientation committee would be recorded; the records would be sent to the Rector Secretariat, through local mass media and campus bulletin, (2) Alhamdulillah, after doing this research for three times, the militarism started to decline. 500 cases were recorded in the first research, 150 in the second, and 20 in the third, (3) in the third research, Rector Secretariat threatened that any students who did militarism would be given punishment.
This research was published by UGM campus bulletin

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