This research was done by academic violence team of UGM Student Council directed by Arif Zulkifli. This research was conducted from April to May 2001.
The backgrounds of this research were: (1) UGM was the biggest campus in Indonesia in the number of students; it has about 45 thousand students, but that does not go along with the best quality; It is only at 67th rank in Asia. (2) Instead of becoming good examples, some lecturers and administration staffs become the obstruction for UGM to increase its quality. The main was the indiscipline of the lectures. As an example, actually, they should teach at 7 o’clock; since they had another beneficial project, they didn’t come on their schedule and changed it to the other day. The other example is that a certain student had made an appointment to see his lecturer to consult his final assignment, but the lecturer canceled the appointment, so it affects the student’s length of study. (3) Administration staffs were not friendly enough and they had got low productivity.
The objectives of the research were (1) General illustration about lecturers’ discipline towards their schedule, (2) General illustration about administration staffs attitude to students, (3) General illustration about the bureaucracy that does not help students to finish their study as soon as possible.
The research method used was survey. The explanation level was used descriptive.
Sampling technique was done by giving questioner with stratified random proportional sample to students.
Data accumulation technique was done by doing non structural interview and distributing questioner to students. Data type was qualitative.
Research Object was UGM students and ten percent of 45 thousand students were taken as the respondent. This research was done by 450 volunteers. One volunteer was responsible to ten respondents.
The results of this research show that: (1) There are some indiscipline lecturers every faculty, (2) The bureaucracy in every faculty obstructs students’ graduation process, (3) Previously, the Rector did not give positive respond to our data, this is due to that he thought it would disfigure UGM image; but after having a dialogue, the Rector accepted our data and promised to follow it up, (4) The follow up was that the Rector commanded every Dean to make a new regulation; that if a certain lecturer (especially a senior lecturer) is not discipline enough, he will be given a written warning, (5) The Rector commanded every Dean to simplify the bureaucracy, so it hopefully could help students to finish their study as soon as possible.
This research was published by UGM campus bulletin

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